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Application Assistance

Clients often hire us after receiving a Notice to Appear for Investigative Hearing. It is wiser, however, to retain counsel once the application process becomes problematic for any reason— and most applicants will gain that impression long before receiving a Notice to Appear. Often, Bar applicants need help amending the Bar application, or unsealing expunged court records. We represent Florida Bar applicants at any stage of the application process, and have been successful at the appeals stage.

Candor is essential to the ethical practice of law. No matter what shadows may lie in your past, it is typically better to disclose and explain the circumstances. But, the nature and extent of your disclosure and explanation—what to say and how to say it—may require professional judgment. As Bar admission specialists we help applicants unseal records, amend their application, explain financial or academic problems, and gain clearance. Issues such as failing to file or pay taxes on time, academic probation, and student conduct code violations may require explanation. If you are uncertain about amending your Bar application, we can assist.

Omissions and incomplete or misleading information in a law school or Bar application are leading causes of difficulty in the Bar admission process. Same with academic probation or financial irresponsibility. Any correspondence or notice you receive from the Board of Bar Examiners should be regarded seriously, and should prompt you to consult a qualified attorney on how to properly respond. If your Bar application encounters such difficulties, we are here to help.

A review from a client cleared for admission:

“I was notified of my FBBE hearing and immediately hired Brett Geer. This was the best choice I could have made. Mr. Geer is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in these matters and will not sugar coat the process. Mr. Geer prepared me for the unknown and equipped me with the necessary tools to receive clearance. I strongly encourage anyone who runs aground in the waters of the FBBE to give Brett Geer a call.”