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Florida Bar Admissions

To be admitted to practice law in Florida, you must apply to the Florida Bar through the Florida Board of Bar Examiners (FBBE). There are two separate requirements for admission: You must navigate the Board’s character and fitness investigation and, of course, pass the bar examination. Both are handled by the Board of Bar Examiners. We encourage every applicant to become familiar with the Rules Governing Admission to The Florida Bar. We can help with bar admission problems. Call us if you need Florida Bar application assistance.

In applying to The Florida Bar, most applicants have little idea of the extent of the character and fitness investigation into their background. It may be cold comfort to know that the FBBE only investigates two aspects of your life. … your conduct before law school and your conduct during and after law school. In other words, your whole life.

Florida has no reciprocity with any other states regarding admission to the bar. This means that lawyers admitted elsewhere must pass the Florida bar exam and undergo the rigorous vetting process. We provide advice and assistance at all stages of the Florida Bar application process. Attorneys admitted in other states may need representation if they have experienced adverse judgments, court sanctions, financial difficulties, etc.

If at any point in the process you feel your application for admission may be in trouble, you are probably right. Hiring a specialist to assist with your Florida Bar application could be your best chance for a successful outcome.  The Geer Law Firm has been successful at every stage of the Florida Bar admission process, including on appeal to the supreme court; however, it is usually better to seek assistance sooner in the bar admission process rather than later. If you have bar admission problems, call for a confidential consultation today.