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Bar Admission: Investigative Hearings

The investigative hearing is a critical stage of the Florida Bar admission and application process, one that can make or break an applicant’s opportunities.  If you’ve received a Notice to Appear for Investigative Hearing, you should seriously consider hiring an experienced Florida Bar defense attorney.

Success at an investigative hearing requires thorough and thoughtful preparation and a complete awareness of the bar admission process.  At this stage of the process before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, three results are possible: clearance for Florida Bar admission; a deferment for further consideration; or an interim denial of bar admission with referral to a formal hearing.

The Florida Board of Bar Examiners holds investigative hearings several times a year at locations around Florida.  The strategy in each Florida Bar admission case is highly specific, according to the facts in the applicant’s background.  An experienced Florida Bar defense attorney will be able to help you identify how best to present your position, how best to deal with the particular issues that concern the Board of Bar Examiners.  Contact us today for a consultation.