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Bar Admission: Formal Hearings

If the Board determines to conduct a formal hearing, you should hire experienced bar defense counsel without delay. In a formal hearing the applicant’s character and fitness is put on trial. The formal hearing is what the name implies; there are deadlines, procedural rules, motion practice, witness and exhibit lists, etc.
The Florida Board of Bar Examiners conducts two basic types of formal hearings.  In the first, a charging document is filed, detailing formal charges called Specifications.  The pleaded allegations must be proven by clear and convincing evidence.  The other type of formal hearing is upon re-application, when the applicant petitions the Board to show that his or her character and fitness has been rehabilitated sufficiently to permit admission to the bar.  The Office of General Counsel litigates both kinds of formal hearings before the Board.  We have achieved positive outcomes in both types of formal hearings.

To convene a formal hearing, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners appoints five panelists.  The panel members cannot have served on the investigative hearing panel.  As with its investigative hearings, the Board conducts formal hearings several times a year at locations around Florida. An experienced Florida Bar defense attorney can help you put your best case forward at a formal hearing before the Board.  Contact us today for a consultation.