Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases have two main aspects: liability and damages. Both aspects can become hotly contested. Liability involves a determination (or admission) of fault. Even where the fault for an accident is clear, the cause or extent of your injuries can be very contentious. In the judicial system, money is the measure of your damages.

An attorney’s “aggressiveness” is not typically a benefit in negotiating with insurance companies. Assertiveness and professional competence usually work better than “aggression.” Insurers are looking for the attorney to make mistakes that can be used against the inured client. The lawyer’s competence and the facts of the case can determine how hard a stance an insurer will take.
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The measure of damages often comes down to opinions from doctors and other experts. In cases where liability is contested, other experts may be needed. There should be no cost to the injured client for the costs of litigation, which can become expensive if liability and damages are contested and experts are hired. Attorney’s fees should only be collected upon actual receipt of a settlement or damages award.

In some instances, you may not immediately recognize that you in fact are injured. It is essential to report all symptoms of your injuries to a medical professional in a timely manner. The longer you wait to be diagnosed, the more difficult your case is likely to be. Understand that placing your health at issue will almost certainly involve releasing your medical records to your opponent.

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