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Florida Bar Complaints

Experienced Florida Bar defense attorney represents and defends Florida lawyers in Florida Bar grievance complaints. Getting your law license took enormous effort and resolve. Defending it against a Florida Bar complaint may require no less. You deserve an effective Florida Bar defense.
After an initial review of a complaint against a Florida attorney by Florida Bar counsel, the responding attorney is required to submit a written response. At this stage, many respondents choose to represent themselves, when hiring bar defense counsel is a better choice, because the explanation can be used against the lawyer. Costly mistakes can be made when responding pro se to a Florida Bar complaint.

Staff Level / Grievance Committee Investigations

A Florida Bar complaint can come from clients, lawyers, judges, or others. The Florida Bar may open a file itself based on a news article, police report, or letter from a bank. Certain situations require the lawyer to self-report; in other scenarios a lawyer may choose to self-report. After hearing from both sides, Florida Bar counsel can close the file, or forward it to a grievance committee.

Never discount the seriousness of a Florida Bar complaint, nor assume that a grievance will be dismissed merely because you are convinced it lacks substantial merit.

The best time to hire a Florida Bar defense attorney to defend against a Florida Bar grievance complaint is at the start. An experienced Florida Bar defense attorney can see the traps to avoid when responding. What is said or not said in the initial written exchanges can ultimately affect the outcome.